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2.4. Установка в Solaris

operating systems, please refer to Section 1.4, “Supported host operating systems” .

Solaris host, please uninstall it first before installing a new instance. Refer to Section 2.4.3, “Uninstallation” instructions.

2.4.1. Performing the installation

the VirtualBox SunOS package which includes both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of VirtualBox. root and from the global zone loads kernel drivers which cannot be done from non-global zones. To verify which zone you are currently in, execute the zonename commands:

gunzip -cd VirtualBox-2.2.2-SunOS-x86.tar.gz | tar xvf -

interface module (vbi). The purpose of this module is to shield the VirtualBox kernel driver from changes to the SunOS kernel. If you do not have vbi already installed (check for the existence of the file /platform/i86pc/kernel/misc/vbi install it by executing the command:

pkgadd -G -d VirtualBoxKern-2.2.2-SunOS.pkg

interface module, in which case you can remove this one before upgrading OpenSolaris.

Next you should install the main VirtualBox package using:

pkgadd -d VirtualBox-2.2.2-SunOS-x86.pkg


the current zone and not into any other zone, use pkgadd -G to the pkgadd manual; see also VirtualBox” .

to install. Choose "1" or "all" and proceed. Next the installer will ask you if you want to allow the postinstall script to be executed. Choose "y" and proceed as it is essential to execute this script which installs the VirtualBox kernel module. Following this confirmation the installer will install VirtualBox and execute the postinstall setup script.

now complete. You may now safely delete the uncompressed package and autoresponse VirtualBox would be installed in /opt/VirtualBox .

2.4.2. Starting VirtualBox on Solaris

Простейший способ запустить VirtualBox, это выполнить команды ( VirtualBox , VBoxManage , VBoxSDL or VBoxHeadless ) в терминальной сроке. Эти команды являются символическими ссылками на скрипт VBox.sh , который запускает нужную вам программу.

/opt/VirtualBox provided is easier as you do not have to type the full path.

VirtualBox colours by executing VBoxQtconfig the terminal.

2.4.3. Uninstallation


you must halt all zones that are referencing the VirtualBox device ( /dev/vboxdrv VirtualBox. This is required for properly unloading the VirtualBox kernel driver without requiring a full system reboot. Use the zoneadm zone.

To perform the uninstallation, start a root terminal session and execute:

pkgrm SUNWvbox



pkgrm SUNWvboxkern

2.4.4. Unattended installation

provided a response file named autoresponse use for responses to inputs rather than ask them from you.

installation. Then open a root terminal session and execute:

pkgadd -d VirtualBox-2.2.2-SunOS-x86 -n -a autoresponse SUNWvbox

session and execute:

pkgrm -n -a /opt/VirtualBox/autoresponse SUNWvbox


within Solaris zones. For an introduction of Solaris zones, please refer to http://www.sun.com/bigadmin/features/articles/solaris_zones.jsp .

zone, you need to give the zone access to VirtualBox's device node. This is done by performing the following steps. Start a root terminal and execute:

zonecfg -z vboxzone

Inside the zonecfg device match how it can be done:

zonecfg:vboxzone:device>set match=/dev/vboxdrv

to run VirtualBox. Next reboot the zone using zoneadm VirtualBox from within the configured zone.

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